With a tenant secured, this project required a fast track solution to purpose design and build in a timeframe to make the premises available by the end of 2019 for their fitout.

This meant the design phase had to move along quickly with Hanham & Philp providing updated budget costings as the design progressed leading to earlier procurement of the enabling works package. A civil package ran concurrently with the main build contract to design and construct the Right of Way that allowed a one-way truck loop path for the three buildings in this location.

To ensure full flexibility down the track, the building was designed in such a manner to maximise full height storage. The floor was up-spec’d to a higher capacity to allow for a full range of tenant requirements and the fire design was to VM2. The large canopy running the length of the warehouse was also lined on the underside to prevent vermin and bird issues for an MPI audited facility, with full security fencing in place between the front and rear tenancies.


New architectural single level office (165m2) and attached warehouse separated by a party wall between the front warehouse (914m2) and rear warehouse (704m2) and Right Of Way.

  • Client

    Endwood Nominees Ltd

  • Duration

    5 Months (2019)

  • Location

    485 Waterloo Road, Waterloo Business Park, Islington, Christchurch

  • Architect