Hanham & Philp were engaged on this Early Contractor Involvement project via a P&G and Margin tender process.

H&P attended design team meetings and provided valuable buildability and cost information during the staged design and procurement phase of the project. Procurement of the time-critical Structural Steel trade was fast-tracked using provisional SOQ.

Shop drawings were commenced alongside detailed design, thus eliminating the traditional long-lead-time prior to steel erection on site. The final Structural Steel cost was able to be confirmed with Stage 2 pricing.

A new electronic survey system was used for the first time by Hanham & Philp on this project, with not a single profile or string line required for setting out the building. Consultant CAD files were uploaded to the system, providing all data to allow works to be set out. This provided huge benefits in both efficiency and accuracy. With the significant volume of services within the build, along with the tenant’s own services and equipment subcontractors, coordination was a critical aspect of the project.

Hanham & Philp utilised specialist CAD software to incorporate all designers’ BIM models and provide detailed conflict detection analysis prior to works commencing, saving both time and money on potential re-work.


Automated Laundry & Office Facility (5,800m2)

  • Client

    Christchurch International Airport Ltd
    Francois Baudet: 03 364 5737

  • Duration

    14 Months (2020)

  • Location

    11 George Bellew Road, Christchurch Airport

  • Architect

    Sheppard & Rout Architects

  • Engineers

    Lewis & Bradford / Cosgroves